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For the best return on your investment, Bostonia Properties is the place to go. There is something about Kate that sets her apart from other Brokers. Not only is she passionate about her work, Kate Duggan knows the business inside and out and is committed to selling your property for a competitive price in a timely manner. She is professional, thorough and understands the importance of establishing good client relations to achieve desired outcomes. From our first meeting to the final sale, I trusted Kate’s judgement and expertise; and she didn’t disappoint. She kept the lines of communication open and followed through without hesitation. Her unwavering dedication and flexibility went beyond the call of duty. Overall, my experience was positive and prosperous and I highly recommend her.

I recently moved to the Boston area to begin a graduate program and decided, with help from my parents, to buy a 2-bedroom condo. I had gone to a few open houses by myself and felt completely overwhelmed by the whole process. I understood from watching Zillow how quickly the market moves in Boston and I realized that I would need support.

My mom contacted Kate online after my discouraging day of open houses, and Kate called me on the phone within minutes. She asked a lot of questions to get a sense of what I was looking for and the sorts of things I enjoy doing in my free time. We set up a time to look at apartments later that month (I was living out of state and so my availability was more limited than Kate's).

When our open house day came, I made a list of properties I wanted to see. I was immediately grateful to have Kate with me and loved hearing the questions she asked at each property. When I had toured properties by myself, I felt shy and acted as though the realtors were doing me a favor. I think it's easy to feel this way in Boston; the market is so tight and moves so quickly that sellers have a great deal of power and buyers sometimes feel like seals at feeding time. Kate, however, was firm without being pushy or rude. She took control of the situation and made me feel empowered.

Kate was also very open with her opinions about each property, which was important to me because 1. I didn't know the area well at all and didn't have a good sense of what locations were better than others, what amenities were harder to come by than others, etc. and 2. because I felt like I would really be able to trust her when she finally did say, "yep, I think this is the one."

Little did I know I would find an apartment and make an offer that very day, prompting what was probably the most stressful month of my family's life as we scrambled to get the financing together. We never expected that our first offer would be accepted and neither did Kate; we all figured we'd have to make a few offers before one was finally accepted. We just got lucky!

In part because the whole thing had moved so unexpectedly quickly, I had a lot of doubt that I was making the right decision -- both about my graduate program and about the apartment. Kate spent hours talking on the phone to me, to my mom, and to both me and mom on three-way. Kate told me I could call her any time, and I did.

I experienced a lot of buyers remorse after we made our offer, and in the days that followed I would send Kate links to newly listed properties asking, frantically, if we had made a mistake. Kate calmly walked me through the pros and cons of each property, reassuring me that I didn't have to go through with the purchase if I didn't 100% want to. I never felt like she was pushing me into it, and her patience seemed limitless.

At one point, I did actually back out of the deal, and when I changed my mind two days later and wanted to move forward, tail between my legs, Kate helped us navigate that as well. At one point before we closed, I apologized to Kate for my flip-flopping and asked if this had been her most stressful deal. She laughed and said "absolutely not." I half expected her to rip off her coat and reveal a super hero costume.

On the day of the closing, I had an appointment for the Comcast guy to come install wifi. The seller's realtor was giving us a hard time about relinquishing the keys, and I was so relieved that Kate went to bat for me -- again -- and got the keys so I didn't have to cancel my appointment.

I am now living in my beautiful condo full-time and I love love love it! I would recommend Kate enthusiastically and without hesitation. She is open, honest, patient, and will advocate for you unceasingly. I would give her ten stars if I could!

I had to sell this house for my father. He had to move out with no notice because of a medical emergency. A very stressful situation for me.

I met with Kate. She made a very good presentation about how she could help me every step of the way. I chose her because she sounded honest, knowledgeable,  and hard working.

The house was full of furniture, papers, etc. Kate hired a great company that emptied the entire house. Then she hired some cleaners that made the house look respectable. She did everything she promised she would do. I would hire her again in a second. And we got a tremendous price. The closing went smoothly. She's a true pro. Honest, nice to deal with, and knows what she's doing. She gave some great advice.

If you are lost in the jungle process of buying a house, Kate will grab your hand and guide you out of there to a safe place that would be your new home! Let her guide you! She did an awesome job with us!

Kate Duggan listens and is immediately actively helpful. I was in another state, so it was a long distance effort to ready the condo in Cambridge for sale. Kate was great with contacts, recommendations, quick response backs and actually doing stuff to get things going so we could put the place on  the market. She was supportive when as part of the estate process we hit a litigation snag. Then when we were ready to go again Kate did an excellent job of selling, negotiating and finally facilitating the details of communication between parties to get it done. I am very pleased to write a review for her and would recommend her as an excellent real estate professional.

I have to say that Kate Duggan is one the most, if not the best, Realestate agent that I have ever worked with! She is efficient, very knowledgeable, and gets you what you want! Kate truly knows how to read people and has great intuitiveness for what people want and need. She showed me numerious properties until we found the perfect fit in my price range. Kate dug up a lovely condo in one of the best buildings in Boston, which ended up buying into, thanks to her hard work and perseverance.

Kate was amazing to work with! From helping us get our condo ready to sell, keeping us always updated with interest and next steps, helping determine our best strategy, she was incredible as we were selling the first place we've ever owned. Once the offer was in, Kate was incredible at helping us tie up any loss ends, and even made recommendations for contractors as we fixed anything that needed fixing before closing. She constantly went above and beyond for us. She even went so far as to pick up our mail after we moved (to another state) and shipped it to us! She was confident, calm, organized, and exactly what we needed in a realtor.

I was very pleased with Kate from our initial meeting to the completion of the sale of my house. I moved out of state before my house hit the market. Once we decided to list the home, an offer was made and accepted within 3 weeks. All details of the selling process were highly supported by Kate while I was out of state. I was extremely satisfied with Kate's performance.

We worked with Kate to purchase our first property, a condo in Cambridge. Kate was amazing to work with. Very patient, knowledgeable, diligent and has a great eye for detail. We would recommend her to anyone looking in the Cambridge/Boston market.

What do you look for in a real estate broker? Someone who is honest, hard-working, proficient, trust-worthy and accommodating. Kate Duggan is all this and MORE! She asked us to give her a chance to prove herself (with no obligation) and she did. Kate handled every detail of our property sale just as she said she would. Kate was very responsive too, a rare quality in people these days. She made herself available whenever we needed her. The process was smooth as silk, a credit to her knowledge and expertise. Give her a try. Kate is first rate!

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