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Clean streets right around the corner


With the arrival of April comes some good news and bad news for Boston residents. The good news first: now that our torrential rains have passed, and hopefully we are done with significant snow, your streets will soon be cleaner. The City of Boston resumes its street sweeping schedule on April 1, so all the dusty, sandy streets will be clean once again. The bad news now : a negative that comes with along with the street sweeping is restricted parking. But fear not the City has a handy webpage that you can check which lists the cleaning schedules and parking restrictions. The schedule is searchable by neighborhood and day, or by street name. Forgetful? Not a problem. Sign up for reminder emails from the City, based on your address. For additional information and to sign up for notifications, visit the Boston Public Works Department web page at

If you are one of the unfortunate ones to be towed, whether for a street sweeping violation or something else, we can help you there tooIf your vehicle was towed in Boston, call either the Boston Police Tow Line at 617-343-4629 or the Boston Tow Lot at 617-635-3900 to locate the vehicle. Alternatively, search the online towing database at Either way, you will need the vehicles plate number, and you will need to pay a number of fees. According to Citys website, Before releasing the vehicle, the tow operator is entitled to a maximum of $90 for the tow and a maximum of $35 per 24-hour period of storage. These charges are limited by the Mass DPU, in accordance with state law. The tow operator is also entitled to add a fuel surcharge to the $90 involuntary towing fee.

So before you even pay the City violation ($40), you have already invested $125+ for parking. Take our advice. Sign up for the reminders, and enjoy those clean streets this Spring.

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